Monday, March 25, 2013

Zuccarello Signing All But Confirmed; Last Thing Rangers Need

According to Steve Zipay of NewsDay:
Zuccarello and Rangers have agreed to $$$ number, but docs yet to be signed, and clearance finalized. Not 100 percent done, but expected
While conference rival Pittsburgh Penguins have been busy the past two days adding Brendan Morrow and Douglas Murray it looks like the Rangers are set to bring back Mats Zuccarello.

In my opinion this is a pretty awful attempt to fix the Rangers. The Rangers offense has been awful most of this season which is not something you'd expect from a team with Rick Nash, Marian Gaborik and Brad Richards. The truth is, the Rangers have way too many skilled players in their top nine who are not willing to or not capable of using their body to get to the net for rebounds. The Rangers are a perimeter team and unfortunately perimeter teams don't win shit.

Night in and night out the Rangers throw lots of rubber at the opposing goalie. Night in and night out the Rangers make the opposing goalie look like a Vezina candidate. Even the biggest scrub in the NHL can pad his save percentage against the Rangers. Why? Because the Rangers take 30 shots a night from areas of the ice where an average AHL goalie would look like Patrick Roy. Shots from the blue line with no one screening the goalie, no second chance opportunities because no one is getting to rebounds.

The only New York Ranger on the top three lines who effectively uses his body to create scoring opportunities and play the grinding game is Ryan Callahan. The Rangers need size to create space for the skilled players. Instead, the Rangers continue to add more skill, more players with no ability to grind, another player who has no ability to make space for his teammates and another player who will have no ability to get to the high scoring areas.

This is a pathetic attempt by the Rangers to improve their hopes at getting into the playoffs let alone do anything if they do manage to grab a seventh or eighth seed somehow miraculously.

This team gets more and more awful to watch on a nightly basis. No offense ability with a team full of All-Stars. You'd think Rangers management was playing a video game, loading their team with stars. Is there no concept to acquiring players to play within a system or mixing players of different skills (grinders, power forwards, two-way forwards, super starts) to effectively play together? Not in the Rangers front office apparently. Here, the theory is get as much skill as possible and watch them suck. And when that doesn't work, keep doing it.

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